How long could I live for if I could remove all biological causes of death?

There are the only three overarching ways people die:

  1. Disease
  2. Aging
  3. Trauma

This blog is obviously focused on longevity (anti-aging). Imagine for a moment that I could actually bio-hack my way to removing all biological causes of death, I still would not live forever. I was intrigued to learn this from the below video that I would only live at most 9,000 years.

I poked more around the inter-web and found this blog post How Long Would You Live if You Were Immortal? and its associated YouTube video below.

In it, they state I would only live 1,750 years… so now I have a goal (just kidding, well sort of).

One parting statistic about lotteries from this blog post that stuck out to me was:

By the way, if you bought a lottery ticket every day for all your life, it would be 800,000 before you won powerball. So, you have about the same chance of dying in an airplane crash as you do for winning the powerball lottery, and you would need to buy at least one ticket per day for 800,000 years. Perspective!

Arvin Ash