Daily Gratitude: January 27, 2020

  1. The Internet: I really appreciate the internet and access to information at anytime all the time.
  2. My Chiropractor: Dr. Touraj Najafian D.C. and all his associates from the Focus on Health clinic. See below the testimonial I posted on their Google Page.
  3. Staying positive: I unintentionally let this new blog languish for a week. Paul of days gone past would have created unnecessary stress for this. I am very happy that I can keep things in perspective and just jump back, no guilt and move on.

I started receiving treatment from Doctor Najafian last October. I had been suffering from various symptoms resulting from 50ty plus years of a poor sitting posture. I could not move my head more than 60% of the way left, my shoulder was in agony and my back ached. I felt older than I was which really restricted me from really being as healthy as I could be. When you are in pain, you compensate with food and alcohol. At Least I did. Months later I am pain-free and feel 15 years younger doing things I just 4 months ago had accepted as things I would never do again. He gave me a life back that thought I had lost forever.

Testimonal for Focus on Health and Dr. Najafian D.C.